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A couple of weekends ago, Drew and I embarked on our first big wedding decisions since well…getting engaged. We decided to look at wedding venues. I know what you’re thinking…”Lindzi you’re not getting married until June 2018…you’re early!” Wrong. I thought that, too, until we looked online out of curiosity and realized many venues in Chicago already had several Saturdays in June 2018 blocked off. What?? We thought we were ahead of the game, and then all of sudden it seemed like we were actually a little late.

We decided to go look at places on a Tuesday and began booking appointments. Except many of them weren’t even available to LOOK at for two weeks. Only 1 was available for a tour that Sunday, but she let us know ahead of time…there was only one Saturday in June of 2018 left.

Being Drew and I, we wanted to look extra cute for the big tour. I mean, we were only going to get that moment once. On that day, we were officially beginning wedding planning. We were looking at our very first wedding venue, and I needed the perfect wedding venue attire. I decided to keep it chic, simple, and clean with a black and white checkered dress, black blazer, black tights, and over the knee boots. I mean, this would tell her what kind of bride I would be…right?

checked dress and black blazer - 7 checked dress and black blazer - 2 checked dress and black blazer - 1

One of the things I love most about this look is how truly simple it is. You’ve heard me rave about black and white time and time again. I blame reading How To be Parisian. It made me appreciate the simple chicness of a almost completely black ensemble. Plus these are all easy pieces that are interchangeable and can be used to create lots of looks. For example, every closet should have an amazing black blazer. You’ll wear it all the time.

Here are few of my favorites…

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checked dress and black blazer - 5 checked dress and black blazer - 4 checked dress and black blazer - 6

Oh so that wedding venue we were all excited to dress up for? It was the first one we looked at, and we didn’t even take our coats off the whole time! (So much for looking cute.) And even though we looked at 3 other places the next weekend, we ended up picking the very first one. And that last weekend? It was the one we always wanted. Talk about fate.

I may not have been able to show off my special wedding venue attire at the venue this time…but you just wait until June 2018!

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